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I have a philosophy in life in which I refuse to pay for things that I can get for free.  That being said, there are A LOT of companies out there that offer “free” stuff but that it not actually the case.  I know that I am not the only person that has received an email or seen an ad that states something like, “Click Here for your FREE $1000 [insert company name her] Gift Card!” and clicked it just to find out that you have to sign up for at least two different monthly subscriptions first… Those things frustrate me!  However, among my search for ACTUALLY free things I have found success!  There really are programs out there that provide FREE cool stuff!

Top 3 FREE programs that give you FREE cool stuff:

#3 Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is a free program known for people being able to post items they want to sell.  However, did you know that people also post a ton of cool stuff for free?? 

You may think that the only things that are posted for free are damaged/broken/defective.  That is true some of the time and I have picked up some items that need work.  (Some I have fixed and kept and others I have fixed and sold.) But that is not always the case.  I have also picked up multiple things for free that were barely/never used!  Sometimes people just don’t need something and figure that somebody else will!  

Check out this list of the cool free stuff I have found recently:

  • potty training toilet seat cover (never used)
  • child hangers
  • a very large Melissa and Doug stuffed dinosaur (small hole in the seam of his tail that I mended and is now perfect again)
  • 2 wooden chairs that were left out in the rain (I sanded and painted and then sold)
  • Ikea table with leaf insert (I sanded one leg that was nibbled on by a puppy and repainted and then sold)
  • Large, barely used (looks brand new) toy box
  • Various other toys
So if you are looking for something that doesn’t necessarily have to be new, check out Facebook Marketplace first and see if someone is just giving it away!
PRO TIP:  There are also several neighborhood/community yard/garage/rummage sale groups on Facebook that do the same thing as Facebook Marketplace!

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#2 FBA reviews

FBA Reviews is a program that connects companies with product testers.  Amazon products are tested through this program.  To be a part of this program you must:

  1. Have an Amazon Account.  **Better yet to be an Amazon Prime member (if you aren’t already and want to check it out, start your FREE 30 day trial HERE)
  2. Have a PayPal Account
  3. Agree to submit confirmation of your order as well as a review of the product.

After you sign up for FBA Reviews, they will email you when product testing is available (which is ALL the time!).  When you receive the email, there will be several different products to choose from.  You then:

  • Pick a product
  • Email them your choice
  • Wait for the funds to purchase the product hit your PayPal account
  • Order the product
  • Submit your confirmation number
  • Try the product when it arrives
  • Write a review for the product
  • Confirm you left the review
  • Keep the product!

I just started with this program a few weeks ago and I have already received a LOT of cool FREE stuff:

  • A Workout Book
  • Electrolyte Powder
  • Child Safety Corner Protectors
  • Toddler Dress Shoes
  • Allergy Spray
  • Pet Stain/Odor Remover
  • Digital Marketing E-Book
  • An iPhone Case
  • A Solar BackPack
  • $5 bonus (x2)

To sign up for this program simply fill out the form HERE!

For other programs that are similar to this one, check out this list!

#1 Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

In 1995 Dolly Parton started the Imagination Library that offered FREE books to children.  The program started small in her hometown but has since spread to children all over the world!  The Imagination Library is now in:

  • The United States
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Republic of Ireland

The program sends out over a MILLION books a month!

When I first signed my oldest daughter up for the library I had no idea the quality of books we would be receiving!  They are absolutely stunning!  I am still in disbelief that this a FREE program!  Thank you SO much, Dolly Parton!!

Register your child HERE for the Imagination Library!

imagination library

I hope you enjoy all this cool FREE stuff as much as I do!  Lmk in the comments!


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  1. I have heard about Dolly’s free books, what an awesome program! I’m going to look into #2!! Thanks for sharing!

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