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Adoption Struggles

Adoption Struggles | Reviews

The reviews of Adoption Struggles ( are starting to roll in! Check out what adoptive parents that wish they had a course like this when they started the process are saying! Check out what hopeful adoptive parents are saying! AND, check out what professionals in the adoption world are saying about this new online adoption course!

adoption guide

Read the reviews of what people are saying about Adoption Struggles- the new site for online private infant adoption step-by-step courses:

“This course is exemplary! It calmed all of my anxiety because it breaks each and every step down so clearly and into manageable pieces that I could then use to create my plan. It gives specific resources and regulation information that is specific to your state and the agencies available for each type of adoption that may be pursued. I would recommend this to literally anyone that is going through the process, whether it be out of sheer curiosity or that you are in a more serious place of considering adoption. It helped give me a plan, and the plan provided us so much hope and encouragement in our journey to our little one!”

-Erin (hopeful adoptive mother)

“I just have to say this is an amazing resource!!! The information provided just kept impressing me more and more with each click!”

-Nicole (social worker)

“As a former adoption social worker I would most definitely recommend this to prospective adoptive parents!
One of my favorite features was the step-by-step guide to the profile book. I love the dear birth mom letters.
You most definitely have the gift of writing… Your letters are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.
Providing prospective adoptive parents with letters they can use verbatim, along with the online Facebook support group alone are worth the cost of the course!!!”

-Traci (former adoption social worker)

“I would pay for this course over and over again with how much I learned!”

-Erin (hopeful adoptive parent)

“The step by step depth, knowledge and support provided throughout the course is impeccable! The process can be overwhelming and I believe with access to this educational and supportive course, future adoptive parents will be able to easily and confidently navigate the road of private infant adoption.”

-Nicole (Foster Care Case Manager)

“A thoughtful, comprehensive guide to help hopeful families navigate the adoption process from start to end. Lots of great lessons to learn in this course!”

-Melissa (adoptive mother)

adoption guide

Have you been thinking about adoption, but don’t know where to start?


Or maybe you have started doing some research on the process and are starting to get scared about the extensive and expensive process?


After YEARS of struggling with infertilitydoing multiple rounds of IUI and IVF just to see my bank account dry and the pregnancy tests STILL negative, my husband and I finally turned to adoption to start our family.

Luckily, we had a family member that had just been through the process and pointed us in the right direction, but even with the head start, it was still a long learning process!

I wouldn’t have believed it back then, but hindsight is always 20/20, and this path was always the way our family was meant to be created.

Read our adoption stories here:

An Adoption Story

Welcome Home| An Adoption Experience

I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

Well…except that I wish we would have had a guide, mentor or advisor of some kind to get me through the process!

Yes, we could have hired an adoption consultant that boasts about matching you with your baby in just a few short months.

HOWEVER…after all of the money we spent on fertility treatment, we definitely didn’t have an extra $3-8k laying around to hire one! Nor did I have the time and money to do what most consultants will recommend to be able to get you matched that quickly, which is:

  • Apply to several national adoption agencies so that your profile gets seen by more potential birth mothers.
  • Be willing to adopt out of state (which requires travel, home studies, and lawyers across multiple states).

Yes, their methods are effective and yes, they may match you quickly. BUT…it comes at a cost!

That is why I created this complete adoption guide online course!

All the tips, tools and SUPPORT you will need to start AND finish the adoption process can be found within this complete adoption guide!

You can search, but there isn’t another course out there that is this in-depth and provides this detailed and complete of a guide!

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to choose the perfect adoption agency
  • About the different types of adoption
  • What to expect as an adoptive parent
  • How to prepare for a successful home study
  • How to make an EFFECTIVE adoption profile-  INCLUDING pre-written profile letters!
  • How to self promote
  • What to expect when meeting with birth mothers
  • Preparing for the hospital
  • What to expect during the wait between birth and finalization
  • What to expect at finalization
  • How to finance adoption- it IS possible for adoption to become easily affordable
  • Access to private FB group for mentorship, support and feedback!

So what are you waiting for??


Get started with your complete adoption guide to private infant adoption HERE!

I can’t wait to be on this journey with you!



  • Katie C

    This course sounds amazing! There is so much important information within this guide. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone I know considering the adoption process

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